Moose is Sold…

CHRIS: Singer/Songwriter from Philly, transplanted to Nashville, took a break from the music biz and somehow convinced his girlfriend (now wife) to live on a boat. You can check out his music on iTunes.

MELODY: Computer Nerd/Writer/Jewelry Designer who thought her boyfriend (now husband) was crazy for wanting to live on a boat, but never one to shy away from an adventure, decided to play along and now she may never get off the boat. She blogs about being a digital nomad and how to make money while cruising at Saving to Sail.

JET: Dutch Shepherd rescue who has traveled more miles in his 6 years with Chris and Melody than most people do in a lifetime. Refuses to vacuum his own hair and instead insists on shrimp tails and belly rubs.

THE BOAT: A 1984 Cal 35. Our home.