Hull #466

New Tartan 27

It’s time… time to write something about my 1970 Tartan 27.  Designed by the legendary team of Sparkman & Stephens back in the early 60’s, the Tartan 27 was their first fiberglass design.  But you can find out all of this online.  The “nuts and bolts” if you will. Just Google “Tartan 27” and you’ll find a wealth of information, specs and conjecture surrounding this now famous boat.  With over 700 hulls built, there is much to be said.

Thing is, I couldn’t really find too many personal accounts from people who’ve owned these boats.  Yes, there’s an owners forum on Yahoo and a few Tartan Ownership Groups around the country but I’m interested in the individual stories… I’m interested in the folks who bought these boats new and have passed them down through the years.  I want to read stories from the people like me who discovered this boat, fell in love and decided that spending twice what she’s worth to re-build her was somehow a worthwhile endeavor. Indeed there are many, many stories about many, many boats and hundreds of blogs about the “romantic” who’s thrown caution to the wind, sold everything and bought a boat to sail the high seas.  This isn’t that kind of blog.  At least not yet.

This is the story about the “romantic” with little cash.  The Romantic (with a capital “R”) that lies in most of us… You know the one… the one that dreams, hopes and plans. Then… life gets in the way and postpones those plans or cancels them altogether… But let’s hold off on that for just a minute.  After all, as a Romantic, I’d never admit defeat on the first page…  first day of a new blog.  So this is the launch, if you will, the maiden voyage of a story about a boat.  An old boat.  But a boat with a story to tell…

This story is about my boat “Moose.”