LEADman 1.1, build-in contact form and spam protection

Of course that’s not all, LEADman 1.1 comes with a few other important changes and new features, here’s a quick overview on what’s new and improved:

A contact form

The launch version of LEADman allowed you to capture leads from Joomla! articles and DOCman documents, LEADman 1.1 now lets you capture leads from contact enquiries as well. You can configure the contact form to collect any of the following data: Company; First Name; Last Name; Phone; Street; City; State; Postal code; Country; Comment and GDPR acceptance.

To start capturing leads from contact enquiries, rather than using Joomla’s core contact component, just create a menu item for your contact page and set the menu item type to LEADman’s contact form.

Email notification

Users will often download a document but not keep it for future use, to save those users from having to fill out the lead form each time they want to download the same document, and you from collecting duplicate leads, LEADman can now send the user an email notification with a link to the DOCman document.

Filter leads by type

Have you configured LEADman to collect leads from your Joomla! articles, DOCman documents and your LEADman contact form? You can now filter each of these different types of leads right from the dashboard.

Spam protection

By subscribing to our Connect Services your lead forms are automatically protected from spammers. Not only does Connect add Captacha to your lead forms to combat spam, our email validation service checks that the email address that the user enters is real and does actually exist. This means that your contacts list only contains real emails and fake emails don’t get access to your content or downloads.

Collect different lead data

You may want to collect different lead data depending on where the lead is collected from, an article, document or contact enquiry. You can now manage each of your lead forms’ input configuration independently, all from a single settings page.

Tracked GDPR consent

LEADman now records the GDPR consent value for each lead that you collect, making your lead generation GDPR compliant.

Analytics support

We’ve added support for both Google Analytics and Piwik, so you can easily track the performance of your lead generation forms.


Check the changelog to see what’s changed since LEADman 1.0.

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