JGive 2.5.2 is here with updated TJ Fields integration

We have released an update for our Joomla crowdfunding extension. With the JGive 2.5.2 release, we have updated the TJ Fields integration with JGive so that the campaign creator can add extra fields to the campaign creation page. Besides this, we have fixed many bugs in the new release reported by our subscribers. We encourage you to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. 

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Read on for the complete changelog.


Updated TJ Fields integration for JGive 

JGive has been integrated with the latest updated version of TJ Fields, our infrastructure extension. From this release onwards, campaign creators can convey even more information and use fields like video, audio, file, image etc in the campaign creation page.


+ Feature Added (1):

  • JGive has integrated with the latest TJField. Now onwards campaign creator can use video, audio, file, image etc type of extra fields in campaign creation page

– Bug Fixes (5):

  • #164856 : Backend Campaign report – Was getting 1054 Unknown column ‘Array’ in ‘where clause’ error on page.
  • #164496 : Backend Donations list page – Were showing wrong commission fee(Ticket ID 21056)
  • #164264 : At backend campaign report page was displaying wrong status of the campaign
  • #139889 : In JGive quick donation form, were keeping first payment gateway as selected, which was confusing to donor.
  • #164562 : On All Campaigns Page country, state, and city filter were showing empty drop-down, user was not able to filter the campaigns by using those filters.