SP LMS Component and a Couple of Joomla Templates Updated With Several Fixes and New Stuff

Hello, educators on the Joomla platform! I hope you are fine and spreading education online continuously. We know how happy you become when your favorite tools get updated. Today, you have got such a reason to be happy. We have updated the SP LMS component and a couple of Joomla templates to make eLearning more hassle-free and interesting.

To be more specific, SP LMS is updated with Joomla 4 Beta 7 compatibility and several fixes. And a couple of our Joomla templates (Educon and Edulif) that are built based on this component got the latest version of the SP LMS and SP Page Builder components.

Excited? Let’s know a bit more in details.

SP LMS Gets Joomla 4 Beta 7 Compatibility & Fixes Known Issues

Joomla 4 is just around the corner. Your favorite eLearning course builder on Joomla, SP LMS is now compatible with Joomla 4 beta 7. Now, you can enjoy the features of the new Joomla version along with your favorite SP LMS component.

Plus, there are some known issues like PayPal payment redirection and quiz result-related issues, and some other known ones have been carefully taken care of. Most importantly, we have improved the routing system with the support for Joomla 4.

SP LMS v4.0.0 Changelog

  • New: Joomla 4 beta 7 Compatibility
  • New: Routing system now supports Joomla 4
  • Fix: PayPal payment redirection issue
  • Fix: Resolved quiz result related issue
  • Fix: Resolved error when the rating is done & teachers contact form is submitted 
  • Fix: Resolved total course cost in cart section issue
  • Fix: Resolved displaying disabled speakers issue
  • Fix: Resolved course filter issue in Menu Item
  • Fix: Make sale price as 0 when regular price is less than the sale price
  • Fix: Remove raw code from quiz section
  • Fix: All known bugs

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2 Joomla Templates Got Updated

We also have updated 2 of our SP LMS-based Joomla templates. Now Educon and Edulif users will enjoy the latest SP LMS and SP Page Builder features and improvements.

Educon – Modern Joomla Template for University, College & School

A fully responsive Joomla template for education centers, academic institutions, and e-learning websites. The template comes with numerous learning management features that can play a key role in the success of any educational website.

Educon v2.9 Changelog

  • Update: SP Page Builder v3.7.9
  • Update: SP LMS v4.00
  • Update: Show designation in teacher detail page
  • Fix: Solved duplicate new course issue
  • Fix: Solved duplicate new speakers issue
  • Fix: Unhide terms & condition in the contact form
  • Fix: Visible contact form in teachers detail page
  • Fix: Visible follow button in teachers detail page
  • Fix: All known bugs

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Edulif – Joomla Education Template with Powerful LMS Inside

Edulif, a creatively designed and functionally rich Joomla education template to offer courses and take classes online. With the powerful SP LMS component inside, Edulif offers all essential functionalities to create a complete eLearning site within a short time. 

In this update, a fix for the database field missing issue while updating the SP LMS component has been applied along with many other amazing fixes.

Edulif v1.1 Changelog

  • Update: SP Page Builder v3.7.9
  • Update: SP LMS v4.00
  • Fix: Unhide terms & condition in the contact form
  • Fix: Remove raw codes from subscribe section in the footer
  • Fix: Page break issue when updating SP LMS component
  • Fix: All known bugs

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Please note if you are using any of these templates, you have to update the Quickstart pack along with the SP LMS component. If you only update the SP LMS component, there’s a chance your site’s pages may break. So what’s the wait? Update the SP LMS component or any of these templates to their latest version and enjoy the new features and improvements. Please let us know your feedback in the comment below.