Hello to all online educators on Joomla! I hope you are doing great. We are updating our SP LMS component along with 2 popular Joomla templates in the LMS niche to make eLearning more fun and interesting to you and your learners.

Your favorite LMS component on Joomla will get OpenStreetMap, a couple of fixes, and updates. And, Language School and Varsita education Joomla template will get the latest SP LMS component, updated page builder, Joomla version, and more. We want you to spread education without any hassle. This is why we regularly update our SP LMS component and associated education Joomla template with it.

I am sure you will enjoy this update. Let’s know what new things are coming to these eLearning Joomla templates one by one.

SP LMS Brings OpenStreetMap and More

The latest update to the SP LMS component brings OpenStreetMap, fixes router issue for quizzes in course details, and solves the SP LMS profile plugin issue. Also, we have updated the language file for the course module so that you can enjoy a seamless translation feature.

Apart from these, we have also improved the teacher’s contact form view, added the Instagram link to speakers’ and teachers’ profiles, and many more.

OpenStreetMap Integration

To make it easier to find event locations on your LMS site, we have already integrated Google Map before. Since the Google Map is paid, we are now offering a free map showcasing option with OpenStreetMap. You can still use Google Map. But if you want to have a location map free of cost, here comes OpenStreetMap integration with the SP LMS component. It’s gonna be fantastic for you!

Just like Google Map location service, SP LMS now has the option to showcase OpenStreetMap to share your location. Now you can create a free editable map of the world with OpenStreetMap on SP LMS-powered websites.

How to Use OpenStreetMap

Go to the global configuration of SP LMS then enable Map. Select OpenStreetMap from the dropdown, then place the API key in the box below. There’s a link to the OpenStreetMap site to create an account and get the API key.

Let’s take a look at the full changelog of the SP LMS update:

SP LMS v4.0.1 Changelog

  • New: OpenStreetMap
  • Update: Language file updated for course module
  • Update: Teachers’ contact form view improved
  • Update: Instagram social link added to speakers’ and teachers’ profiles
  • Fix: Router issue solved for quizzes in course details
  • Fix: Order store issue for payment via PayPal
  • Fix: SP LMS profile plugin issue solved
  • Fix: Event filter view issue fixed

Download SP LMS 4.01

Language School – Language Institute, Club, and Coaching Joomla Template

Language School is a professionally designed Joomla template for language schools, clubs, coaching, and other relevant institutions. It covers the entire language learning and coaching niche while offering the freedom to be applied to other related fields.

In this update, Language School Joomla template will get the latest versions of SP Page Builder, SP LMS, and Joomla. Also, we have fixed several known bugs. Enjoy a smoother teaching experience with your eLearning website built with Language School. 

Let’s take a look at the full changelog:

Language School v1.5 Changelog

  • New: Latest SP LMS compatibility (v4.0.1)
  • New: OpenStreetMap
  • Update: Latest SP Page Builder (3.7.9)
  • Update: Latest Joomla (v3.9.26)
  • Fix: Unable to show event location map after activating mapbox API
  • Fix: Ongoing events are shown as expired in the frontend
  • Fix: Error in URL redirection of see all testimonials
  • Fix: Course Title and Prices are not showing in the CART
  • Fix: Remove raw code under the event section
  • Fix: Social media icon UI Break issue
  • Fix: All other known bugs fixed

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Varsita – Education Joomla Template with LMS

Varsita is a clean, modern, and professional Joomla template for all kinds of schools, universities, courses, and education business. We built this layout specifically for educational institutions, training organizations and include easy-to-use customization features. It will potentially help schools, faculty members, and students. You can build any basic learning management system website with Varsita.

This update brings the latest SP LMS component, SP Page Builder, and Joomla versions. Also, we have fixed some known bugs to make eLearning much more interesting with Varsita. Enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the full changelog:

Varsita v3.3 Changelog

  • New: Latest SP LMS compatibility (v4.0.1)
  • New: OpenStreetMap
  • Update: Latest SP Page Builder (v3.7.9)
  • Update: Latest Joomla (v3.9.26)
  • Fix: Icon visibility issue
  • Fix: Broken UI issue in some pages
  • Fix: Show all skills in the filter option of the teachers’ list page
  • Fix: Warning issue in login
  • Fix: All other known bugs fixed

Get VarsitaView Demo

If you are using our SP LMS component or any of these templates, please update to the latest version to enjoy the new features offered in SP Page Builder, SP LMS, and Joomla with your website. Stay with JoomShaper and stay updated. Good luck!

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