What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Pinterest? Recipe pin? Home decor? Fashion inspiration? Sure, it has them all. But if you think Pinterest is just limited to that, you’re missing out on something big.

Pinterest is a great opportunity for business. It helps increase links back to your website, introduce you to a new audience, steer traffic back to your website than any other social media source. Did I mention Pinterest currently has 478 million active users every month? Yes, that’s how massive it has grown to a visual discovery tool!

So, it’s time to level up your social media strategy for your Joomla site and start using Pinterest. Today let’s talk about how Pinterest pins are changing the game and how you can optimize your Joomla site for Pinterest SEO.

Still Not Convinced? Here’s Why Pinterest Is Important

Still not convinced to use Pinterest for your business? Let’s talk facts then. Here are some major reasons why you should use Pinterest to grow your business, especially if you run an e-commerce site.

Pinterest Inspires People to Shop

Shoppers are increasingly turning to Pinterest for inspiration. And why wouldn’t they? Pinterest makes it easier for people to discover products and makes the experience as inspirational as possible.

Considering Pinterest has 148 million monthly users, your company can reach, engage, and convert millions of potential customers and brand followers. Only by creating shareable pins that are optimized with the keywords these users are searching for.

Drive Traffic With Pinterest Backlinks

A picture is worth a thousand backlinks. So, what kind of value do Pinterest backlinks bring then? Their value lies in referral traffic. If users flock to your pins and click on the source where the image is embedded, then you can drive more traffic and views to your site. Of course, creating quality visuals and good content is the key.

So, don’t sleep on Pinterest backlinks!

User Engagement Is Soaring

Users on Pinterest seem pretty content to simply find and share things with small groups of people.  This is good for your business!  Why?  It means that your pins are more likely to be seen, touched, and even go viral!

Share Your Post Links to All Social Media Accounts

Pinterest integrates with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account making it simple for you to post links to all of your social media accounts. Cross-posting content allows you to share posts across many different platforms – keeping your social media accounts active and healthy. This can help you to retain your existing audience, broaden your reach and attract new followers.

Tailor Your Products to What Your Consumers Want

Use Pinterest to see what’s in trend right now. It gives you the opportunity to understand what your consumers want and use that information to position your offers and products. Staying up-to-date with the trend and consumers’ wants is extremely important if you want to stay relevant in your field in the long run.

Top Searches on Pinterest Are Unbranded

97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. Which is a good thing. Why? You can reach your audience early before they’ve made up their mind on which brand to go for. It’s a win-win. They find what they love. You grow your business.

SEO Tips to Rank Your Joomla Site on Pinterest

Now that I’ve given you a quick rundown on why Pinterest is important, it’s time to dig into optimizing your Joomla website for Pinterest SEO.

Use a Pinterest Business Account

First thing first. You need to use a Pinterest business account. A Pinterest Business account is free and allows you more features than a personal account. With a Pinterest for Business account, you have access to all in-app analytics associated with your profile. You can easily view how many impressions your profile and Pins get each month, which content is performing best, and how much traffic your driving to your website.

Enable Rich Pins and Claim Your Business on Pinterest

Once you have a business Pinterest account, you can verify your website and apply for Rich Pins. What are they? Rich Pins are Pinterest pins that have more information included in them, such as your avatar, your website, and other details that wouldn’t appear in a regular Pin.

Depending on what type of post you are pinning, you can choose your category from App, Article, Product, and Recipe. Learn how to enable Rich Pins HERE.

Use Your Joomla Blog to Create Strategic Pin Strategy

Put your website’s blog to good use. Choose one of your blog posts and pin it to one of your boards that is rich in relevant keywords to the blog post’s topic. You should pin the post to a board named exactly as the topic is to make SEO sense.

For example, a pin for a blog post about how to make your Joomla site multilingual should be named “Make Joomla Site Multilingual” and not anything else. Do this for each of your blog posts and then start pinning to relevant group boards as well.

Optimize Your Joomla Site’s Images for Pinterest SEO

We all know Google reads the information in your image alt tags, so does Pinterest.

You must put your keywords in your image file name as well as the alt tag. You can also add hashtags in your alt tag, which Pinterest will pick up on, and feature it in a feed of other pins using that hashtag.

Display Pinterest Boards on Your Joomla Site

If you’re already active on Pinterest, you can easily embed your Pinterest profile, boards, or individual pins to your Joomla site using extensions. There’s plenty of extensions in the Joomla extension directory that you can choose from to display Pinterest on your Joomla site.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile With Keywords

I’m sure you know how important keywords are for your blog posts. Yes, your Pinterest profile needs that too. Use targeted SEO keywords in your profile name, bio, board names, descriptions, and pin’s description will make you more discoverable.

Wrapping Up

Convinced to start taking Pinterest seriously? Then act on the tips mentioned above. Test your results and double down on what works for you. If you’re interested, you can give our article on how to drive traffic and boost conversion a read to further step up your SEO game.

Over to you – what’s your take on Pinterest marketing? Let us know your feedback in the comments. Good day!

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