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Finally, Joomla! 4 stable release plan is scheduled. It will be going to release on 17th of August, view the announcement here. Joomla! 4 is the next Long Term Support (LTS) version. It brings huge upgrade to the CMS, new framework, numerous new features, completely new admin interface and new front-end template.

Last week, we released preview version of T4 Framework for Joomla 4, and today, we are releasing preview version of T3 Framework for Joomla 4.

T3 Joomla template framework updated for Joomla 4

T3 Framework preview release for Joomla 4: Free download

Do not use it for your production projects

Joomla 4 is still in development, there will be updates at core, bug fixes and more improvements until stable version release. So, do not use it for your production project.

View Demo Download Preview

Install T3 Blank preview for Joomla 4 steps:

Step 1: Access download page → and download the quickstart package.

Step 2: install the quickstart package on your server

Install the quickstart as a normal Joomla installation on your preferred server. But make sure it meets the following system requirements:

Joomla 4 installation tutorial →

Step 3: explore the framework on Joomla 4

Keep updated with our Joomla 4 update plan:

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Joomla 4 discussion, bug report

👍 Feel free to submit any suggestions, comments and bug report in our discussion forum

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