Howdy, Helix Ultimate users! One of the best ways you guys show support to us is by submitting bug reports and helping us do better. In our tremendous effort to make Helix Ultimate more stable and perfect, we always take every issue supported by our users seriously. 

And today, we’re here with another such update that brings enhancements to existing features and fixes to known bugs.

Stay tuned to find out what this update has in store. 

Helix Ultimate v2.0.8 changelog: 

  • Update: Updated to Google Analytics 4
  • Fix: behavior.modal in user form issue
  • Fix: All checkboxes are disabled when one checkbox is set to disable issue 
  • Fix: J4 Full Image path issue
  • Fix: Gallery Carousel auto slide issue 
  • Fix: J3 Alert box close button issue 
  • Fix: Menu Dropdown toggle issue 
  • Fix: Article Details page division by 0 issue 
  • Fix: Edit Color Presets issue 

Enjoy a Strong Analytics Experience With Google Analytics 4

With today’s update, Helix Ultimate has updated Google Analytics to v4. Google Analytics v4 is built to keep up with a changing ecosystem, providing you the utmost flexibility to measure many different kinds of data. 

You can easily add Google Analytics to your Helix Ultimate powered Joomla site by simply copying the Google Analytics Tracking Code and pasting it to the ‘Google Analytics Code’ field of the Advanced tab of the sidebar menu. 

Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements

Apart from updating to Google Analytic 4, this update also brings a few fixes and improvements to your favorite Joomla template framework. 

All checkboxes disable issue: Previously, when you created a checkboxes field with multiple checkboxes in a form and set one checkbox to disabled, all checkboxes were set to disable instead of the selected one. This issue has been solved in today’s update. 

Alert box close button issue: If you leave the fields of a contact form empty and click the send button, an alert box appears. In the previous version, if you click the close button of the alert box, it doesn’t work in J3. This has been fixed in today’s version. 

Gallery Carousel auto slide issue: The Gallery Carousel with more than one image is expected to slide after the page loads but it doesn’t in the previous version. This has been fixed in Helix Ultimate v2.0.8.

Apart from the above-mentioned issues, a lot of other issues reported by our valuable users have been addressed in this update. Please go through the changelog again to see if the issues you’ve reported have been addressed. 

Wrapping Up

Someone who waits silently for bugs to be resolved is almost certain to be disappointed. Let us know in the comments what other bugs are still bothering you so that we can fix them for you.

So, what’s the wait? Update your Helix Ultimate now to enjoy the latest fixes and improvements. Good day!

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