The clocks have struck update and some of your favorite Joomla extensions are here to reckon with. If you’re an SP LMS or SP Booking user, then today’s your day! In this update, both SP LMS and SP Booking got the much-anticipated PHP 8 compatibility.

That’s not all! Your favorite SP Property extension is also updated to deliver even more excellent stability. Stay tuned to find out what this update has in store. 

SP LMS Now Compatible with PHP 8.0 and More

With this version of SP LMS enjoy PHP 8.0 compatibility in both Joomla 4 & Joomla 3 and PHP 8.1 compatibility with only Joomla 4. Also, you can now set the Media Type as Icon or Image in the Course Information section of the Course Form.

Some of the notable fixes include the issues related to the teacher filtering option, Avatar image-related issues, errors related to column filtering in the SP LMS Courses module, and more. Apart from these, a number of other bugs have also been taken care of to let you experience the best. Find out more in the changelog given below.

SP LMS v4.0.7 Changelog:

  • New: PHP 8.0  (Joomla 3 & 4) and PHP 8.1 (Joomla 4) Compatible.
  • New: Media Type option added in the Course Information section of the Course Form.
  • New: Column value 1 added in course menu settings.
  • Fix: When the left or right position in course settings is enabled, the select category option disappears after filtering.
  • Fix: Console Error fix.
  • Fix: Column filtering doesn’t work in the SP LMS Courses module.
  • Fix: Read More button was not showing in event categories.
  • Fix: The category filter was not shown if the show-subcategory option in course settings (Menu) was disabled.
  • Fix: The teacher filtering option was redirecting to a different URL.
  • Fix: Issue fix if SEF URL and Following Menu both are enabled.
  • Fix: Avatar issue in the certificate.
  • Fix: Avatar image was not showing in the review section in spite of uploading it.

Download SP LMS

SP Property – Joomla Extension to Build Real Estate Sites

SP Property is dedicatedly designed for real estate agencies or construction businesses. It lets you perfectly manage all the property-related information like property posts, property features, agents, activities, and much more. 

SP Property 4.0.2 Changelog:

  • Fix: Image upload issue fix for User Profile Plugin.
  • Fix: Gallery issue fix.
  • Fix: UserGroup issue fix.

Download SP Property

SP Booking – Complete Travel Booking Extension for Joomla

SP Booking extension is a fully-fledged travel management system that comes with every feature necessary for travel booking and related websites.

SP Booking  2.0.3 Changelog:

  • New: PHP 8 Compatible for Joomla 3.
  • New: PHP 8 & 8.1 Compatible for Joomla 4.
  • Fix: Wrong total price was shown in the booking list.

Download SP Booking

Update Now! 

You’ll find an update prompt to update the extensions to the latest versions. If your license has expired, renew your license now to get support and updates. 

Did we miss anything? Let us know your thoughts and feedback on the update. 

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