SocialAds 4.1.0 is here with pop-up ads and floater ads

We are happy to release SocialAds 4.1.0 with the much-awaited pop-up ads and floater ads feature. This feature had been requested by many of our SocialAds subscribers. Besides this, we have also fixed many bugs reported by our subscribers in this release.

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Read on for the detailed changelog for new features, bug fixes and important notes related to this release.


Pop-up ads

Grab people’s attention, increase website traffic or get immediate feedback on your Joomla site using the pop-up ads feature in SocialAds. Pop-up ads can also be displayed on the full screen.

Floater Ads

Floater Ads in SocialAds not only grabs the attention of the website visitors but also offers a unique viewing experience to them. Floater Ads are always displayed in a fixed position.


+ Features: (1)

  • Feature #186970: Pop-up and Floater Ads

^ Bugs Fixed: (5)

  • Bug #185088 Fixed: For fresh installation getting the error “‘display_ad_on’ column is undefined” while creating a new Ad
  • Bug #162544 Fixed: Frontend > Make Payment > User is able to pay an amount less than the minimum amount configured in the extension configuration
  • Bug #155691 Fixed: Coupon should be case sensitive
  • Bug #187943 Fixed: After successful payment on PayPal in the backend the order is not confirmed automatically
  • Bug #187669 Fixed: The campaign selection dropdown is not showing the default option on creating Ad page