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Helix Ultimate 2.0.3 Is Here: New Override System, Minified Plugin’s CSS & JS Files, and More

Hello Helix Ultimate Users! You have got a reason to be excited today. We are releasing another update to Helix Ultimate and this time we are fixing all known bugs, improving the overall experience, and

The Best Headphones Under $200

The high-quality sound and comfort are not easy to find on a budget. But it is not impossible! We’ve been there, and we know what it’s like to want great sound without breaking the bank.

Excellent Headphones Under $300

$300 is a lot of money. It can get you a fantastic on-ear headphone, some genuinely outstanding over-ears, maybe even a perfect mid-range pair that could be the only pair of headphones you own for

Helix Ultimate 2.0.2 Is Here: User-defined Presets, Option to Manage Offcanvas Menu Levels, and More

Hello Helix Ultimate users! We are so excited to release another important update to your favorite Joomla template framework. We’ve brought the system back to create your own preset using the option.xml file. Also, now

[Joomla 4] More products updated for Joomla 4

Hi, Our new update for Joomla 4 this week is here. This week, we updated T3 Framework, T4 Framework (bug fixes), 8 Joomla templates and 3 extensions for Joomla 4. Please check the detail below:

How to Update Your Site to Joomla 4 (Detailed Guideline)

Joomla 4 stable version is already out! It’s a huge upgrade to the CMS bringing so many amazing new features and functionalities. The new major version will forever change the way you have been using

Helix Ultimate and SP Page Builder Are Updated With Fixes and Improvements

Hello Joomla users! We hope you’ve tried our Helix Ultimate 2 and found it amazing. It is so wonderful to see your feedback in the comment. However, we have also noticed that some of you

[Joomla 4] T4 Framework, 14 Templates and 7 extensions updated

Hi, Finally, Joomla! 4 stable is here. This Long Term Support (LTS) version brings a huge upgrade to the CMS, amazing new features, raises the minimum supported PHP version to PHP 7.2.5, and many many

The Best Headphones To Buy Under $500

This article contains sponsored links. If you are looking for a great headset you can buy for less than $500, you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter how you want to use them.

CopeCart integration with Shika LMS in CopeCart Connect

We are happy to announce a brand new integration between the German Payment and affiliate provider CopeCart with Shika, our Joomla learning management system(LMS). Recently, the Joomla! Developer Roland Meier from Medialekt added this feature