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Tue 18 Feb 2020 Joomla means “all together”. From the founding of Joomla we have taken pride in reducing the barriers to entry. We removed the barrier of cost, we removed the barrier of language

Sharpen your Joomla tools with Joomlatools Vagrant 1.6

box share command and share the resulting ngrok URL with whoever needs it. More control of your Vagrant box Want to override the default mount options to better suit your needs, or increase or decrease

LEADman 1.1, build-in contact form and spam protection

Joomla’s contact component lets you set up a contact form for your website, but it won’t record any of those enquiries. With LEADman 1.1 ‘s no more sifting through your emails to find the enquiries

How to display a paragraph of content to logged in/out users only

Have you ever wondered how to display a paragraph of content to logged-in or logged-out users only, in Joomla? Read on and we’ll show you how. Get the logged in status of the current user

DOCman 3.4 brings multi document download

cloud, they will not be selectable for inclusion in the download zip file: Hide the category delete button There are instances where you, as the site owner, might want to restrict an author’s ability to

Learn something new at a conference

Mon 16 Apr 2018 I have organised, presented at and attended more conferences than is probably good for me. I have always been in favour of multi-track events with many sessions at the same time.

Ten Commandments for creating a survey

Wed 06 Dec 2017 Thanks to computer software and the web it is now easier than ever to create a survey. The technical side is so easy that people forget that there is more to

GDPR, Data Protection and you

Written by Matt Thornfield Thu 23 Nov 2017 I’d like to thank Brian for inviting me to be a guest blogger with the exciting topic of GDPR. I agreed to write this after a drink

Content Workflow in Joomla

Thu 23 Mar 2017 Last week at a local Drupal User Group I saw a presentation about new and experimental features that will be in Drupal 8.3 and two of them got me very intrigued

Install AMP on Windows with Chocolatey

Mon 20 Mar 2017 This is a guest blog post by Walt Sorensen. Installing Amp on Windows can be a challenge at times, but thanks to Chocolatey: the package manager for Windows the whole process

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