The JCM Team is proud to present you the May Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine. 

This month’s edition features:

  • Interviews to extension developers about their path towards Joomla 4 compliance: Sander Potjer from PWT Extensions, Rüdiger Schultz from JDB Export and Tomasz Kowalski from DJ Extensions. 
  • An article of the “Explore the Core” series about Custom Fields by Marc Dechèvre
  • Anja de Crom interviewed Abhishek Das to let him share his “How I learned Joomla” story.
  • Philip Walton wrote a piece to announce the students who will take part to the Google Summer of Code 2021.
  • This month we’ll get to know Laura Gordon as part of the “Meet a Joomler” series.
  • Himanshu published an article about Visual Studio Code as developer tool.
  • Mike Carson wrote a SEO Checklist with 28 tips to increase the ranking of a Joomla website in the SERP.
  • SD Williams published the monthly open roles throughout the Community.


This release wouldn’t have been possible without the work of the Community Magazine Team, all the authors and all the people who allowed us to interview them.

Thanks to all those who participated.

The Call for Authors for the Community Magazine is always open. If you want to write for the Magazine, regularly or just once, drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contributed to this issue:

Andrea Gentil (Editor), Anja de Crom (Co-Editor), Sandra Decoux (Creative Director), SD Williams (Author), Marc Dechèvre (Author), Philip Walton (Author), Mike Carson (Author), Himanshu (Author).

We would like to thank also all the developers who dedicated their time to answer our interviews.

Call for Authors

The Joomla Community Magazine is looking for authors on the following topics:

  • Tutorial: Joomla’s L10N Heart
  • Joomla 4 Features
  • How do Agencies get into trouble on Projects
  • Developing a Joomla 4 Template
  • Joomla 4: A powerful CLI application
  • Joomla 4: The new publishing workflows
  • Joomla for Developers (Framework)
  • Create an unlimited design with Joomla
  • Get great out of the box SEO with Joomla!
  • Building Mobile Apps with Joomla as the backend.

Feel free to submit your articles to the JCM team.

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