Hello Joomla users! Today, we are here to give you great news for all real estate website owners who are using our SP Property component. We’ve updated your favorite real estate directory site-building Joomla component with several improvements and fixes. Plus, a couple of Joomla templates that are built based on this component have been updated too.

We request you to update the SP Property component and template if you are using any of these items on your Joomla site.

What’s New in SP Property v4.0.0

This update (v4.0.0) brings price field format in SP Property. Now you can showcase property ID, round off price, and use number format for pricing. Also, we have added an option to use a separator between price and currency unit. So, we’ve added the following fields to the SP Property pricing option. 

  • Showcase property ID
  • Round off property price
  • Use number format for pricing
  • And have a separator 

With the latest version of SP Property, you can now showcase your real estate items applying different price formats. You can turn each of them off if you wish.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the SP Property component in the changelog below

SP Property v4.0.0 Changelog

  • New: Joomla 4 compatibility
  • Update: Price field format (ID, rounding off option,)
  • Update: Language file updated for missing text.
  • Fix: License key security issue

Download SP Property  

2 Joomla Templates Got Updated

Along with SP Property, we also have updated 2 of our related Joomla templates. Today, we are releasing new versions of Estate and Empire Joomla templates. 

Estate – Most Advanced Real Estate Joomla Template

Estate is a complete solution for any kind of real estate, developments, residentials, and rental properties. This Joomla template can be used for vacation rental, real estate listing, and apartment rental pages as well. Inside Estate, you will find an improved SP Property component with agents, properties, advanced search filters, and visit request options. You can create a real estate business website in the least possible time with this versatile Joomla template.

Estate v1.3 Changelog

  • Update: Joomla v3.9.27
  • Update: SP Page Builder v3.7.12
  • Update: SP Property component v4.0.0
  • Fix: Separator between pricing and unit currency on property list and details
  • Fix: Horizontal scroller issue in the property detail
  • Fix: Add to favorites not working issue on the property listing
  • Fix: All known bugs

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Empire – Responsive Joomla Template for Real Estate

Empire is a responsive Joomla template crafted for real estate agencies, brokers, builders, and other relevant parties. Empire has an organized, beautiful, neat & clean design with every modern feature necessary to launch a real estate-centric website to display properties with easy searching systems.

Empire v2.1 Changelog

  • Update: Joomla v3.9.27
  • Update: SP Page Builder v3.7.12
  • Update: SP Property component v4.0.0
  • Fix: All known bugs

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If you are using any of these Joomla templates and the SP Property component, please update to the latest version to enjoy the improvements. Good luck!

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