The moment to experience SP Page Builder 4.0 is finally here! 

The vision behind SP Page Builder 4.0 was to utilize the full potential of the product and make it the ultimate all-in-one page builder for creating the perfect site in no time! And today, it feels surreal to finally be able to share with you what we’ve been pouring our heart and hard work into. 

None of this would have been possible without the immense love and support from our valuable users. Every constructive feedback and input has shaped SP Page Builder 4.0 into what it is today. 

That being said, the stable version of your favorite SP Page Builder 4.0 is out with a brand new design system and advanced functionalities to change your Joomla development for the better. From now on, you can use SP Page Builder 4.0 on your live sites.

Stay tuned to discover the power of SP Page Builder 4.0!  

Redefine Your Page Building Experience

SP Page Builder is lightweight, feature-rich, and fully visual to shoot your productivity through the roof. It comes with tons of new features and changes to ease your page-building experience. Have a look at the changelog below to find out what it has in store. 

SP Page Builder 4.0 Changelog:

  • New: Brand new system design
  • New: Intuitive front-end dashboards with filter functionality
  • New: 4 new functional addons 
  • New: Freedom to upload and use custom icon packs 
  • New: Adjust the look of your content with 6 different viewports
  • New: Customize anything at any stage with Layers
  • New: Resize and configure column width by dragging the column boundary 
  • New: Revamped Media Manager 
  • New: Added page layout export feature
  • New: Added copy, paste, and duplicate feature for nested addons from the context menu
  • New: Added inline edit functionality for Accordion addon, and Tab addon item title
  • New: Added Google fonts disable option
  • New: Added custom column generator feature
  • New: Added a clear button to remove the selected font from the Typography font select box
  • New: Added the option to save customized addon from the inline editor for addon reuse 
  • New: Option to add images from external URLs
  • New: Added Multi-language support for sidebar editor and Saved Items section (Lite version) 
  • New: Two Scrolling options – Viewport and Full-page are added in Interaction settings
  • Update: Added CSS variable and RGBA support in Color Picker
  • Update: Improved the editor authentication
  • Update: Improved the URL routing system
  • Update: Dropped the admin menu module

Time to dive into the details, shall we?  

Fully Visual Joomla Page Builder

Save yourself the hassle to go back and forth between the backend and frontend with the fully visual SP Page Builder 4.0. Speed up the development process with the lightweight, efficient, and feature-rich Joomla page builder where every change is visual and instant. 

It comes with an ultra-flexible Frontend Editor that lets you create beautiful pages through live editing with the power of drag & drop.  From creating and managing pages, add-ons, integrations, and settings – everything that you could do from the backend is now doable from the front-end that too more easily! 

Flexible Front-end Sidebar & Addon Settings

The Front-end Sidebar and Addon settings are moveable and you can drag them anywhere on the page you like. So that you can smoothly work and edit your website pages on any screen size without the placement of the editor disrupting your workflow. 

You can also keep the frontend sidebar editor floated, stick to the right, or stick to the left. 

4 New Functional Addons 

We have 4 new addons to the huge pool of SP Page Builder addons to meet all your design and functional needs! Experience an enhanced site-building experience with the following new addons. 

  • Rows: The Row addon allows you to add rows to your page with customization options.
  • Columns: Add as many columns as you want to the rows by simply using the Columns addon.
  • Div: The Div addon allows for the grouping of content blocks under an <div> element with ease
  • Lottie: Easily add and display Lottie animations with the Lottie addon.

Manage Workflow Using Layers

Layers—one of the core features of SP Page Builder turns your builder into a layered interface and lets you customize everything at any stage. 

Here, all the sections of a web page are stacked on top of one another, which allows you to access all the columns and addons you’ve used to craft the page. It keeps your web page’s sections containing columns and all the content organized so that you can access, edit, and manage your workflow without a hitch. 

Previously, in SP Page Builder 3.x you had to edit the page layout from the backend. The changes were not visible and you had to constantly switch between backend and front-end to see how the changes looked on the preview. 

With SP Page Builder 4.x, you can wave goodbye to guesswork. With layers, you can instantly see the layout changes and customize your page with minimal effort. 

Customize Content with 6 Different Viewpoints

Preview how your content will look like on the storefront and customize your content accordingly with 6 different viewports. 

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet Landscape
  • Tablet Portrait
  • Phone Landscape
  • Phone

Resize & Configure Columns Width with Ease

With SP Page Builder 4, resizing the column width is a breeze! 

The width of a Column can be adjusted by clicking and dragging on the Column boundary. Or you can specify the width by entering a percentage number into the input field that appears above.

Grab Attention with Lottie Animations

With the SP Page Builder Lottie addon, you will be able to use Lottie Animations inside your page and catch the attention of your site visitors right away. 

You will find a plethora of different animations on Lottie’s website directory. All you have to do is copy the link of the animation of your choice and insert it on the Lottie addon settings. You can also configure the interactivity and size of the animation with the Lottie addon. 

Speed Up Workflow With Organized Dashboard

The SP Page Builder dashboard will undoubtedly boost your productivity. Taking a modern approach, your favorite Joomla page builder has an intuitive and organized front-end dashboard where everything is manageable from one spot. 

You can access the pages, addons, icons, integrations, languages, and settings, right from the dashboard making the entire development process more smoother and manageable. 

Powerful Media Manager  

The SP Page Builder Media Manager lets you manage and control your media files with ease. All the files are listed and sorted into their respective category so that you can easily get access to them.

You can also organize the files through folders, easily rename and delete images, or filter images by date. 

Create Complex Page Layouts 

Want to add addons inside addons to easily create complex page layouts? SP Page Builder 4.0 got you covered! You can add as many addons as you want inside the Accordion, Tabs, and Table addon simply with the power of drag & drop. This will let you create any layout you want with minimal effort. 

A More Visually Appealing Interface 

One of the biggest perks of SP Page Builder is its huge collection of layout bundles. Now you can view all the Layouts, Blocks, and Saved Items through the use of tabs and select the category as well. 

Upload & Use Your Own Custom Icon Pack 

Get the freedom to use your own custom icons and craft your site as your own. Instead of fiddling around with custom code now, you can easily upload and use your own customs icon pack with SP Page Builder. 

Please note you can only upload your own custom icon pack made with IcoFont, IcoMoon, and Fontello. 

Endless Customization Freedom 

Convert your ideas into functional web pages with advanced customization features. The best-in-class Joomla page builder gives you endless customization freedom while crafting your Joomla site. 

From customizing font style, colors, unlimited undo and redo options, and getting a more personalized look by adding custom CSS to a page element, the possibilities are endless with SP Page Builder 4! 

How to Update to SP Page Builder 4.x?

SP Page Builder (Pro) can be updated or upgraded like any other Joomla! extension just by installing a new version on the current one. You do not have to uninstall the previous version; in fact, you MUST NOT do that. 

Please follow the following steps for a smooth transition to SP Page Builder 4:

  1. Make database backup.
  2. Update template to last stable version, if it’s based on Helix3 / Helix Ultimate – make sure that framework was updated as well.
  3. Update JCE editor to the last stable version (2.6.29+).
  4. Download the last stable version of SP Page Builder Pro – v3.8.x if you have an older version than 3.1.3
  5. if you had installed the 2x series – update to 2.5.4 first then test pages, then download the last stable version of SP Page Builder Pro v3.8.x.
  6. Download the latest SP Page Builder 4 version from JoomShaper’s website.  
  7. Install the downloaded file like you would install any other Joomla extension. 
  8. Update SPPB Pro to the last stable version of 4.x.
  9. Clear browser cached files.
  10. Clear Joomla cached files.
  11. Check pages from the Dashboard and front-end view.

Note! Once you update to SP Page Builder 4.x from SP Page Builder v3.x,  you can not roll back to SP Page Builder 3.x version. Make sure to test the page builder on a staging site and see if everything works as it should. 

Note! If you have overridden or made custom addons using the early versions of SP Page Builder 3.x, please test your addons on a staging site before updating to SP Page Builder 4. If you face any issues, follow the structure of the current addons of SP Page Builder 4 to fix the issues.

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Time to Experience SP Page Builder 4.0

SP Page Builder 4.0 is a must-have for every webmaster who wants to get to work quickly and easily. It’s packed full of goodies and comes complete with some real gems that you might never have thought about, but now you can use them all. Don’t take our word for it, experience it yourself to find out how awesome it is! 

Go, create your dream site now and let your business soar above all the rest! 

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