At JoomShaper, we put our users at the heart of our vision. That’s why we regularly roll out updates to keep our products up-to-date and ensure our products are meeting our users’ needs and requirements. Today we bring you one such update to our favorite template framework — Helix Ultimate, that addresses issues reported by our valuable users.

Stay tuned to find out what this update is about.

Helix Ultimate v2.0.9 Changelog: 

  • Fix: Multilingual menu issue 
  • Fix: Design break issue on assigning different menu templates when Helix is set as the default template
  • Fix: Blog Image Alt attribute issue 
  • Fix: Social link WhatsApp URL issue
  • Fix: Article shows a wrong message “Expired” when Finish Publishing date is added
  • Fix: Error appears while clicking on Edit Page in Multilingual site in Joomla 3

Notable Fixes

This update focuses on squashing bugs and making your overall experience with Helix Ultimate smoother. 

Multilingual Menu issue: Previously, Helix Ultimate had an issue with displaying multilingual menus for Multilingual sites. The menu of the second language would not appear, only the default language menu was displayed. This issue has been fixed in Helix Ultimate v2.0.9. 

Design issue when assigning different menu templates: If you chose a different template for a different menu item, the design would break when Helix Ultimate was set as the default template. After updating to the latest version, setting Helix as the default template will not cause any design break issue with different menu templates. 

WhatsApp URL issue: Helix Ultimate lets you link your socials by simply enabling Social Icons from the Basic settings. But the previous version had some issues with the WhatsApp URL which didn’t give an option to send a text. This issue has been fixed, now site visitors can engage via WhatsApp seamlessly. 

Helix Ultimate got even better with a range of new improvements and fixes. So, what’s the wait? Update as soon as possible to enjoy the power of improved Helix Ultimate and let us know your experience in the comments. Good day!

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