Hi guys,

Our weekend updates are here:

  • UBER template is fully compatible with Joomla 4
  • T3 Framework updated for bug fixes

UBER template for Joomla 4

UBER joomla template for Joomla 4

Uber is the perfect All in one Joomla template to help everyone build their business site. This special Joomla template is a feature project for Joomla 3 and the latest Joomla 4. Uber is now one of the most powerful responsive Joomla template, a Swiss knife for Joomla sites building with 18+ content blocks, 80+ variations, 17+ sample sites, and thousands of possibilities.

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T3 Framework

T3 Joomla template framework

T3 Framework v3.0.9 changelog:

  • Update add j40 class to body support load css
  • Update check class exits mod_finder on Joomla 4
  • Fixed load override module style on parameter
  • Check chromes style exits on template for render module


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