On 15 June 2022, RADA announced the MVP of RadaWorks, a multichain work-to-earn protocol. Web3 designers and founders around the world can now become active contributors to the RadaWorks platform. We are building a trustless, permissionless freelance platform for the Web3 natives with an aim to empower the Web3 Creator Economy with a decentralized, multi-function platform where anyone can make money, simply by working.

In this MVP version, we will introduce a design-to-earn feature, where NFT artists can get paid by providing their valuable contributions to various projects, protocols, and communities. Our protocol simplifies the steps for different parties to collaborate, with our smart contracts acting as middlemen in such tasks relating to funding escrow and conflict resolution.

multichain NFT design platform


A multichain NFT design platform

A multi-function platform where anyone can make money, simply by working.

multichain NFT design platform

Our platform makes it possible for every artist to kickstart their Web3 career. Whether it is to take part in an NFT project or a Metaverse Game, artists can freely contribute and reap the reward in a completely trustless way.

multichain NFT design serivces member

Why Rada.works?

We connect NFT and Blockchain projects with artists in the same field in a trustless and decentralized manner.

multichain NFT design serivces features

How it work?

Anyone can create a contest and anyone can join as an artist. We escrow the fund in the exchange between the parties until both are satisfied.

multichain NFT design platform workflow

Get Started

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