Good day SP Page Builder users! To make your day even better, an update for SP Page Builder (both Pro and Lite) is rolling out today to deliver an even better development experience. This update mainly focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes, so that you can continue to enjoy the mighty page builder without a hiccup!

We work tirelessly and regularly roll out updates to make sure you get to enjoy the finest Joomla development experience. Let’s have a look at the changelog to see what the SP Page Builder v3.7.14 is bringing to you.

SP Page Builder v3.7.14 Changelog (Pro & Lite)

  • Fix: Icon loading issue for addons
  • Fix: Text input issue for addons
  • Fix: Articles Scroller addon issue for J4
  • Fix: Module’s Save & Close button not working issue for J4
  • Fix: Menu items color issue for J4
  • Fix: Action button’s dropdown options not showing issue on pages for J4
  • Fix: SQL error issue for J4
  • Fix: Email not sending issue in Contact Form addon for J4

Some Notable Improvements

The latest version fixes some of the most commonly reported bugs. Previously with the Contact Form addon, users were facing an issue with sending emails which have been fixed in this update. The News Ticker in the Articles Scroller addon has been fixed as well.

Apart from bringing improvements to the existing addons, you’ll also get to enjoy smoother development with Joomla 4. Fixes for several issues with J4, such as SQL error, menu CSS, page actions buttons issues, and more, have been applied.

So what’s the wait? Update your favorite page-building tool to the latest version to enjoy all the enhancements.

Did we miss anything? Help us improve by letting us know your feedback in the comments. 

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