Hello Helix Ultimate Users! You have got a reason to be excited today. We are releasing another update to Helix Ultimate and this time we are fixing all known bugs, improving the overall experience, and also introducing new features. Helix Ultimate is your favorite Joomla template framework for a reason. And we always love to see you feel about it that way.

Please update Helix Ultimate to the latest version to enjoy the additions, improvements, and fixes made to your favorite tool recently.

What’s in Helix Ultimate 2.0.3?

Helix Ultimate 2.0.3 brings a new system to override templates, minifies the plugin’s CSS and JS files, and fixes several known issues. Have no worries! We are running extra miles to fix any known bugs and continue improving Helix Ultimate for you.

New Override System

We have introduced a new override system so that you can edit and customize the files without fear that the next update will overwrite your changes. Please click here to know more about this new override system and learn how to do this.

Minified Plugin’s CSS and JS Files

We also have minified the plugin’s CSS and JS files to reduce the file size. Now, these optimized CSS and JS files will load faster. So, you will enjoy the enhanced performance on your site. It will potentially decrease page load time. 

Let’s take a look at the changelog below.

Helix Ultimate 2.0.3 Changelog:

  • New: New override system for Helix template added
  • Update: Minified the plugin’s CSS and JS files
  • Update: Favicon settings moved to logo section from the header section
  • Fix: The featured articles “expired” issue
  • Fix: Custom code layout breaks on putting HTML code issue
  • Fix: The JVERSION (previously JVERION) typo
  • Fix: RouteHelper not found issue
  • Fix: Topbar social and contact icons position not working issue
  • Fix: mod_latest_article’s undefined variable issue

Get the latest Helix Ultimate 2.0.3 and enjoy the new override system, minified plugin’s CSS and JS files, enhancement, and fixes. Also, please let us know your thoughts on the changes in the comment section below. Enjoy!
Note: Please do not update helix-based premium templates until we make them compatible with Helix Ultimate 2.

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