Joomla – a CMS that has truly stood firm to its Open Source values. A CMS that has continued to power millions of websites and won millions of hearts over the years. And that’s not all, the stable version of Joomla 4 is right around the corner featuring a fresh user interface, a lighter code base, tighter security, and better accessibility.  It’s fair to say that there’s never been a better time to become a Joomla fan and make money with it.

Working with Joomla is not only fun and exciting but also can help you earn money. And if you’re looking for different ways to make money with Joomla, you’re in the right place. Before we start, it’s worth mentioning that while there are many ways to make money with Joomla, most of them require time and patience before you can see actual results.

Let’s jump into each of these ways in detail, shall we?

Selling Online Courses With Joomla

We have entered a new era, the era of online learning! Especially with the pandemic going on, eLearning has become a hot thing. The good news is If you’re an instructor you can easily take your classes online and create an Udemy-like platform in Joomla.

This is a great way to make money with Joomla by providing lessons, support, learning materials, etc., to learners. The best part is, if you already have a Joomla site, SP LMS can easily turn it into an online learning platform.

Make sure your online courses are qualitative so that more people are willing to pay for them.

Creating an eCommerce Site With Joomla

It goes without saying that eCommerce is constantly booming. If you’re a business owner and haven’t taken your business online yet, you’re missing out big time. You can easily create an eCommerce site with minimal efforts in Joomla – thanks to its huge number of extensions, templates, and plugins.

Don’t worry If you’re just starting, we have got you covered. Read our in-depth article on how to create an eCommerce site in Joomla and reach more customers than traditional retail. With so many people making online purchases, you don’t want to miss out on the fastest-growing retail market.

Creating a Classified Ads Website with Joomla

Apart from the eCommerce site, you can also build a feature-rich classified ads site, without writing a single line of code with Joomla!

How does it work? A classified ads website is a place where individuals and companies can buy and sell goods or services. In classified websites, goods and services are arranged in different classes and categories. You can generate revenue by charging a fee to anyone who places an ad on your site. Or if your site generates a lot of traffic, you can also earn revenue directly from Google AdSense ad blocks.

To create a classified ads site or add such a feature to your existing Joomla website, you may want to look at these classifieds ads Joomla extensions.

Getting Paid to Publish Reviews

If you’ve got a passion for writing blog posts then this one is perfect for you! Writing paid reviews is a much easier way to make money with Joomla. All you have to do is own a Joomla blog and know how to write blog posts.

Don’t confuse writing paid reviews with sponsored posts. In the case of a paid review, businesses pay you to review and write on their product or brand. While for sponsored posts, interested business owners send you an already written post, and pays you to publish it to your blog.

If you choose to write a paid review post to make money with Joomla, make sure you write honest reviews and choose products with good reputations. Also, don’t forget to dedicate a page on your blog to your review policy to explain your review process and how businesses can get in touch with you.

Publishing Sponsored Posts in Joomla

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can also publish sponsored posts where interested businesses send you an already written post and pay you to publish it to your blog.

Earning money with sponsored posts on your blog is no rocket science but you have to keep the following things in mind to get started.

  • Add rel=”nofollow” tag to sponsored links.
  • Time your publication of sponsored posts carefully.
  • Tie the post to the value it adds to your audience’s life.
  • Choose your clients and projects wisely.
  • Don’t make the sponsored posts sound like a big sales pitch.

Selling Ads Space on Your Joomla Website

If you are looking for an alternative to classified ads websites, you can use your existing Joomla site to sell ads space and make money from it. By selling ads space you allow businesses to place content like video, text, or banner on your Joomla site.

You can start selling Ads space if you already have a decent amount of traffic on your Joomla site. To get started, create an ‘Advertise with Us’ page, with information about your ad placing policies and your site’s Google PageRank and audience profile. This will help you to gain credibility and secure a deal that aligns with your audience.

Selling Membership for Premium Contents

This is a recursive way to make money with Joomla. You can create a membership-based website and configure a membership subscription plan to share your restricted resources with the premium users only.

There are tons of membership and subscription extensions available in the Joomla extension directly that will allow you to sell membership on your Joomla site. High-quality premium content will not only help you make money but will also increase website traffic, premium engagement, and create brand perception.

Create Affiliate Marketing Website With Joomla

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your website traffic and earn a good amount of commission by recommending your audience great products. Make sure you let your audience know what values the products you are recommending can bring to them and not just make a big sales pitch.

The good news is no matter the type of affiliate marketing program you want to launch, the Affility Joomla template is a complete affiliate marketing solution that lets you showcase products, offer deals, list stores in categories, and place ads for extra revenue with minimal effort.

Wrapping Up

Whichever ways you choose make sure you follow the best practices and commit to being transparent with your readers. While there are other ways than the above-mentioned ones through which you can make money with Joomla, most of them require more advanced skills.

So what’s the wait? Go through each of the ways and see what works for you. Good luck!

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