It’s update’o’clock for Helix Ultimate Users! 

We always appreciate the time that you spend sending us feedback and helping us make product improvements and fixes. While we may not fix every issue at one go, we gradually roll out updates to make your experience even better with your favorite Joomla template framework. 

And today, we’re delighted to roll out Helix Ultimate 2.0.7 with the latest Bootstrap support and many improvements. 

Let’s take a look at what this update has in store for you. 

Helix Ultimate 2.0.7 Changelog: 

  • Update: Bootstrap updated to the latest version v5.1.3
  • Update: Added Image ALT Text field in the Blog Options
  • Update: Offcanvas custom modules position added
  • Update: Updated Google Fonts
  • Fix: Bootstrap Tooltip & Popover issue in Joomla 3 & 4 solved 
  • Fix: JS compress issue solved 
  • Fix: CSS compression issue solved
  • Fix: Header stickiness issue in mobile device solved 
  • Fix: Article Expired Tag issue solved
  • Fix: Featured Articles Columns issue solved
  • Fix: Off-canvas menu restive on some touch-devices issue solved 
  • Fix: Smart search result URL removed
  • Fix: Blog read-more button parent wrapper issue solved
  • Fix: Mega Menu Module Search on multi-language issue solved

Updated Bootstrap Version to 5.1.3

With this update, get the latest version of Bootstrap v5.1.3, the world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites. Enjoy all the latest features and functionalities of Bootstrap along with the incredible Helix Ultimate to build your dream site in Joomla. 

To find out more about Bootstrap 5.1.3, head over to their official documentation here.

Notable Improvements

Along with the latest Bootstrap support, the Image ALT Text field has been added in the Blog Options for better SEO optimization. 

We have also added a custom module position named “Off-canvas Modules” which removes the restriction of using only one menu in the Off-canvas. Now, you have the freedom to use multiple menu modules in the Off-canvas position and craft your off-canvas however you like. 

Miscellaneous Fixes 

This update also brings many fixes and improvements to the issues you’ve reported in Helix Ultimate. Some of the notable fixes are: 

  • Bootstrap Tooltip & Popover issue: Joomla has tooltips and popovers intended to provide extra information needed to carry out some tasks. Previously in Helix Ultimate, while using the tooltips & popover there was some conflict with Bootstrap which has been resolved in this update. 
  • JS & CSS compression issue: Now you can enable the “Compress CSS Files” option and smoothly compress and combine all CSS files to reduce the load time of your site without any issue. Similarly, you can also compress all JavaScript files by enabling the “Compress JavaScript Files” option without a hiccup. 
  • Header stickiness issue: While scrolling the sticky header, the issue with stickiness in the mobile view has been resolved in today’s update. 

Please go through the changelog again to have a look at the full list of bug fixes and improvements made in this update. 

What’s the wait? Update your Helix Ultimate now to enjoy the latest update. And if there’s a bug that’s bothering you, we’d love to resolve them! Feel free to share with us in the comments.

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