Hola Joomla users! Hope y’all are doing amazing. Today, we are here with the Alpha 4 of your favorite Joomla page builder – SP Page Builder 4.0. We are another step closer towards our stable release with multiple fixes and improvements. Excited? So are we! Let’s find out what this Alpha release has in store for you.

Today’s (Feb 11th) Alpha version is an experimental release and not ready for production sites. We wholeheartedly appreciate your interest in SP Page Builder 4.0. You are invited to try this Alpha version, but DO Not use it on a production site

Please note this is an Alpha release. We recommend you run this version on a test site and give us your valuable feedback.

Stay tuned to find out what SP Page Builder 4.0 Alpha 4 has in store for you.

SP Page Builder 4.0 Alpha 4 Changelog: 

  • Fix: Section and Column Duplicate Issue for Nested Addon
  • Fix: Icon Group Addon CSS issues
  • Fix: Button Group Addon gap not working properly
  • Fix: Exit to dashboard button show 404 when SEF enable issue
  • Fix: Form Builder Addon CSS issues
  • Fix: Image Content Addon issues
  • Fix: HTML element fails to function in Row title settings
  • Fix: Preview link not working
  • Fix: Image Content Addon and Div Addon undo-redo issue
  • Fix: Testimonial Carousel Addon initial state not working properly
  • Fix: Form Builder Addon. Field width not showing on frontend edit at first-time addon load
  • Fix: Undo Redo not working properly

Fixes & Improvements

In today’s Alpha version, the duplicate issue for nested addons in sections and columns has been fixed. Now, you can easily speed up the development and re-use your nicely curated add-ons without a hiccup. 

Apart from the above-mentioned issue, SP Page Builder Alpha 4 is rolling out with several other improvements. Previously, the Exit to dashboard button showed 404 when SEF was enabled which has been fixed in today’s release. CSS issues in the Icon Group and Image Content addon have been resolved too. 

Please go through the changelog above again to see all the fixes and improvements made in this release. 

Tell Us What You Think

Help us do better with your thoughtful feedback and suggestion. Try the Alpha version in a test environment and let us know how you feel about the new changes in the comments. Keep your eyes on our blog and our newsletters for more updates on SP Page Builder 4 and releases.

Happy testing!

Warning: This is an experimental build intended for testing purposes. Please don’t use this experimental version in production sites!

This Alpha version is an experimental release and not ready for production sites.

Try SP Page Builder 4.0.0! (Alpha 4)

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