We are happy to announce new update for our T4 Page Builder – v2.0.1 with 9 important bug fixes.

T4 Joomla page builder for Joomla 4

T4 Page Builder is the powerful drag & drop page builder tool for Joomla to build beautiful websites, with 100% visual design, drag and drops feature, an easy-to-use inline editor, beautiful website bundles, content blocks and add-ons.

T4 Page Builder version:2.0.1 changelog:

1. Issue with text element : When editing article with T4 Builder using Text-Element > “Style Manager” – Typography does not work to apply the style.

2. Issue with style in custom HTML module: Custom html module text style element Typography option does not work.

3. Element – Accordion] doesn’t work: Open specific accordions & tabs item using html anchors links in builder

4. Issue with button: Change the button link also reset the button style issue fixe.

5. Can not delete ‘Saved’ blocks: Remove a saved block from T4 builder not working issue fixed.

6. Can not drag & drop ‘Button’ element: Drag and drop button element from category does not work issue fixed.

7. Issue when saving block as user’s block: Rename and save custom saved block remove all custom style issue fixed.

8.Can’t save style in tablet layout: Edit the Typo style in tablet view revert the changes to previous style issue fixed.

9. Email template in contact form addon: Email template formatting not work for better UI fixed.

Upgrade instruction

Simply download latest version of T4 Page Builder component and install. For more information, please check the upgrade instruction

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