Hello Helix Ultimate users! Your day has finally arrived. Today, we are so delighted to launch Helix Ultimate 2 (stable version). Many of you are eagerly waiting to use your favorite Joomla template framework on your live site. And, the moment has come! From now on, you can use Helix Ultimate 2 on your live sites.

Joomshaper Team: Keep up the superb work your dev team is doing to help web teams around the globe make the internet a great place to be. – John Roy in his feedback.

We are so happy to know your feelings, expectations, and feedback you have shared in the comments and on different social media channels. Since the release of the Helix Ultimate 2 alpha 1, we have been adding exciting features, fixing issues, and improving it to deliver a Joomla template framework you love. Helix Ultimate 2 brings layout builder, preset elements, advanced customization options, rich menu builder, brand new home variations, and so many more things. Most importantly, we have built it for Joomla 4. I am sure you are going to love this. 

What’s in Helix Ultimate 2

Helix Ultimate 2 is going to change the way you build websites on Joomla. It is faster, richer, and incredibly user-friendly to design web pages. Let’s have a look at the features and functionality of this Joomla template framework.

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Now let’s know Helix Ultimate 2 in more detail.

Built for Joomla 4

Joomla 4 has been released. We are super excited to see the goodies in this latest Joomla release. You would be so happy to know that Helix Ultimate 2 is fully compatible with Joomla 4. From the very beginning of Helix Ultimate 2 development, we tried to make sure you don’t miss out on any latest functionalities offered in Joomla 4.

That is why Helix Ultimate 2 is fully compatible with Joomla 4 from its earlier Helix Ultimate 2 alpha 2 version. Enjoy the latest features and functionalities of Joomla 4 in Helix Ultimate 2.

Extensive Control With Premade Elements and Layout Builder

Helix Ultimate 2 offers you layout builder, premade elements, and complete control over your site’s design on different devices. It’s the ultimate Joomla template framework you will ever need to create complex web pages.  

Drag and Drop Layout Builder

Get a highly rich layout builder to create complex layouts for your pages. Helix Ultimate 2 brings you a drag and drop layout builder to utilize row-column structure and build the best possible layout for your web pages. Most importantly, you can preview the layout in real-time to check how they look. 

Also, you can customize column settings to your flexibility and make the layout your way.

8 Header Variations

People’s choices are different so are the choices of their website headers. No matter the type of headers you like, we got you covered with 8 different header variations on Helix Ultimate 2. Now, you have more options to choose the header that best matches your style to enrich the scope and versatility of your Joomla site. Get full-width header, header with a top bar, header and social, full modal header, and more.

Also, you have more control over your header heights and logo heights, enable search and login mobile in the header, and do much more with these header variations. 

Preset Style Options

You don’t have to do everything from scratch. Helix Ultimate 2 has preset styles to change the appearance of your entire template with predefined presets or simply edit them to better match your style.

You have the option to edit predefined presets and create your own custom color sets. Pick your preferred color from the preset and check how they change in real-time.

Advanced Responsive Control

Worried about how your website looks on different devices? Not any more! Enjoy a smart way to control your website’s look on multiple screens. Easily set font size, adjust logo & header heights. Edit and check views for different devices.

Drag and Drop Menu Builder With Real-Time Front-End Preview

Creating menus on your Joomla site has been a lot easier than ever before. Helix Ultimate brings you a drag and drop menu builder. You can create menus with a real-time frontend preview.

Create and customize any layout with a live interface. Also, highlight the special menu items with badges.

  • Manage your entire Joomla site menu
  • Style your navigation bar easily
  • Richly create multi-layered mega menus
  • Get multiple off-canvas layouts with specific functionality

Apply Advanced Customizations

Easily customize your website with plenty of advanced customization options offered in Helix Ultimate 2. Take control over your website design by customizing typography, blog, and placing custom code. 

Granular Typography Controls

With Helix Ultimate 2, you have total power over the typography of your website. Decide and control the fonts and aesthetics of your Joomla site. Choose and style fonts for the body, heading, and other textual content of your site easily. 

Smart Blog Options

Customize your website blog smartly. You can choose sizes for blog images and define list styles. Also, you can enable and disable the social share option, author info, open graph. Easily decide whether to have a reading time progress bar, showcase related articles, and display the blog in full width.

Unlimited Custom Code

Wondering where to place custom code? Add as many custom CSS/JS/SCSS files as you want and enjoy the unlimited customization freedom. Also, you can add custom code after the body tag and before the header to apply them however you need.

Brand New Home Variations

Helix Ultimate 2.0 strives toward utmost efficiency. It brings you versatile and multi-purpose home variations to let you create a striking and engaging online presence for any niche in the industry. Whether you want to create a website for fashion, seafood, corporate firm, or lifestyle venture, Helix Ultimate 2 has stylish home variations for you.

Some of the notable home variations are given below.

  • Default: Get a home layout that suits any sort of website niche. Create landing pages for different agencies, corporate firms, and more. Have a striking hero section, highlight company features, and have many more things on a wonderful home page.
  • Fashion: Display captivating videos & images with a stunning hero slider and guide the shoppers to your goal conversion with well-directed CTAs. Feature your new arrivals/best-selling products, services at a glance, and social media updates.
  • Corporate: With a nice fresh look and sleek design, the Corporate home layout showcases the overall structure of your company. The visitors will have a complete idea of what your business is all about. It covers everything a homepage needs to maximize sales.
  • Sea Food: A seamless concoction of your products and services so that the site visitors can get a clear view of your business at first glance. What makes the Home page even more spectacular is quick access to the menu and the ability to share your brand story.
  • Lifestyle: Well suited for lifestyle, fashion, personal, design, or any other awesome field of a similar niche. This home layout comes with a beautiful grid layout and well-placed CTAs to help your content stand out.

More Freedom With Your Website

Helix Ultimate gives you ultimate flexibility in creating web pages on Joomla. Apart from the above-mentioned features, you can use Helix Ultimate 2 with SP Page Builder. It gives you full support for Bootstrap 5, Font Awesome 5, toast notifications, built-in lazy loading, ajax rating, and many more to offer you more freedom to create and run your website in Joomla smoothly.

Note: The quickstart pack for Joomla 4 will be released this week.

Helix Ultimate 2.0 Changelog

  • New: Brand new design
  • New: Improved UX
  • New: Realtime changes preview.
  • New: Bootstrap updated to 5.0
  • New: Update FontAwesome to 5.15.2
  • New: Improved codebase.
  • New: Improved layout builder.
  • New: Brand new frontend drag & drop menu & mega menu builder
  • New: Improved template caching.
  • New: Improved performance.
  • New: Draft the changes in the edit mode.
  • New: Accessibility updated in the menu, header, and more places
  • New: Lazy Image Loading.
  • New: Option to add retina logo.
  • New: 8 header variations.
  • New: 3 header variations will fullFix: screen modal
  • New: Revamped 2 existing header variations
  • New: Redesigned canvas menu
  • New: 3 canvas layouts
  • New: Ability to change names of header variations and canvas layouts.
  • New: Ability to add unlimited custom CSS/SCSS/JS files.
  • New: SCSS compiler updated.
  • New: Added toast notifications for the edit panel.
  • New: Improved the import settings, now import from JSON file.
  • New: More control on logo & header heights for different screen sizes
  • New: Search & login modules available into headers layout
  • New: Option to enable or disable FontAwesome.
  • New: Ability to edit preFix: defined presets.
  • New: Added google analytics.
  • New: FullFix: width blog layout option in the blog settings
  • New: 5 new home variations
  • New: Module position added to Offcanvas.
  • New: Module position added to full modal, center modal & left modal header variations. (menuFix:modal)
  • New: Added Alt text option for the site logo
  • New: Helix Ultimate settings toolbar now memoizes its position after dragging
  • New: Removed unused SCSS files
  • New: Sticky header offset option added
  • New: Color, line height, letter spacing, style & alignment options to the typography settings.
  • New: Responsive font size option.
  • New: Added preview options for responsive devices like phone, tablet, or computer
  • New: Enhanced coming soon page.
  • New: Scripts & stylesheets are loading with deferring.
  • New: Improved Responsiveness.
  • Fix: Sticky header jumping issue solved.
  • Fix: Fix all w3c validation issues.
  • Fix: Fix JCE media manager’s conflicts with HU.
  • Fix: Fix all other known issues.
  • Fix: Media library blog image sizes issues
  • Fix: Multilingual header menu issue
  • Fix: Frontend article editing issues

Many of you are waiting eagerly to use Helix Ultimate 2 on your live site. Your moment has finally arrived. From now on, you can use Helix Ultimate 2 on your live site. So, what are you waiting for? Start experiencing Helix Ultimate 2 and create your desired website easily and smartly. Please let us know your thoughts on the Helix Ultimate 2 in the comment section below.

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