It’s almost the end of the year 2021. As this year had been filled with a multitude of both challenges and victories, resilience and resourcefulness had been the font approach for most of us. With the Covid-19 continuing to impact our lives, we have persevered together as a team and come out stronger. 

So, before we step into 2022 full of hope and opportunities, let’s take a trip down memory lane on what made this year oh-so-special despite all the challenges! 

Flashback at JoomShaper’s 2021

Despite the difficulties and inconveniences that the pandemic brought along, our team continued to strive and work harder. And these relentless efforts brought about several products that have been loved and accepted by all with warmth. 

From releasing the Helix Ultimate 2.0 to updating our mighty SP Page Builder, Joomla extensions, and more – this year has given us so much to be proud of and happy about amidst this pandemic.

The Ultimate Joomla Template Framework Got a Facelift

As promised last year, we have introduced Helix Ultimate 2.0 – the widely loved Joomla template framework with many shiny new features. Our goal with Helix Ultimate 2.0 was to provide you with exceptional built-in functionalities, ease of development and updates, robust code, and top-notch customer support. And your constant support and thoughtful feedback throughout have made this journey an extraordinary one. 

We also kept updating Helix Ultimate further providing our users with required bug fixes, suitable features and several improvements and additions.

Some of the notable features are as follows:

  • Compatible with both Joomla 3 & 4
  • Extensive control with premade elements and layout builder
  • Drag & drop menu & mega menu builder with real-time front-end preview
  • 8 new header variations
  • 5 striking Home variations
  • Ability to add unlimited custom CSS/SCSS/JS files
  • And so many more!

SP Page Builder 4 Alpha 1 Triggered Off

This year your favorite SP Page Builder has been reinvented with a brand new design system and advanced functionalities. We have released the Alpha 1 version for your test run and feedback. 

With impressive features like brand new system design, visually appealing interface, organized dashboards, new addons, and much more, the stable release is all set to take off earlier next year.

21 New Impressive Layout Bundles Joined the Pack

To accelerate your website development process, you won’t find any answer other than the stunning layout bundles of SP Page Builder Pro. This year too, we made sure to keep the legacy of adding new packs to the family going for all our users. We have successfully added 21 brand new Layout Bundles that are befitting for every business niche!

​​Some of the popular layout bundles that have been released are:

  1. Landscaping
  2. Pool Service
  3. Wanderlust
  4. IT Solution
  5. Cosmetics Shop
  6. Logistics

9 New Top-class Joomla Templates

Like every year, we have done our best to remain consistent in releasing amazing Joomla templates. Our resolve is to keep bringing those contemporary templates in different categories that are useful and stylish enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of people. Thousands of downloads with amazing feedback and response are what kept us motivated and inspired throughout. 

Let’s have a look at the Joomla templates we have released this year.

  1. Manufacturer – Joomla Template for Factories and Industrial Equipment
  2. Politicas – Joomla Template for Political Campaigns, Parties, and Politicians
  3. Gourmand – Recipe and Food Blog Joomla Template
  4. BabyCare – Joomla Template for BabySitting and Child Care Agencies
  5. Luxyort – Resort and Holiday Destination Joomla Template
  6. SheFund – Joomla Template for Women NGOs and Charity Firms
  7. Rythm – Music Band and Musician Joomla Template
  8. Pitech – Technology and IT Solution Joomla Template
  9. Magnin – Creative Agency Joomla Template

Many Joomla Templates & Extensions Got Joomla 4 Compatibility

Along with the addition of brand new templates and layout bundles, we have also updated many of our templates with Joomla 4 compatibility. In the process, we didn’t forget about our extensions at all. Many of your favorite Joomla extensions have also been adapted to Joomla 4 compatibility. 

Some of the popular extensions that have been updated are:

  1. SP Easy Image Gallery
  2. SP Property
  3. SP Simple Portfolio
  4. SP LMS

This year also came with good news for those who have been waiting for Helix3 to be updated with Joomla 4 support. Along with plenty of other significant renovations, we have released Helix3 v3.0.0 for our users to stay in trend and have the finest website building experience.

The main features that have been added to the Helix3 are:

  • Joomla 4 compatibility
  • Updated Bootstrap Version to 5.0
  • Updated to Font Awesome 5

24/7 Support Team for Better, Faster Response

In order to give our customers light-years-ahead experience in solving issues, we have focused on building a thriving support team. With the new and extended number of support engineers, we are trying to deal with your difficulties round the clock. Hence, to address your issues ceaselessly, we have rocketed the number of support engineers and experts.

To make our customers feel positive and satisfied with our support system, we have tried to put in some extra effort to make the team more efficient. And our hard work paid off with an approximate 95% happiness score based on around 2531 customers’ ratings. 

Joomla Tutorials and Tips

Throughout the year we have released a great deal of constructive Joomla tutorials that resulted to be beneficial to a lot of you. We have continued to publish tips and tutorials on various Joomla topics that have been appreciated and loved by you.

Some of the most popular tutorials are:

  1. How to Update Your Site to Joomla 4 (Detailed Guideline)
  2. Complete Guideline on the New Workflow Feature of Joomla 4
  3. How to Make Your Joomla Site GDPR Compliant
  4. How to Create Multilingual Site in Joomla 4 Using Helix Ultimate
  5. How to Use SP Page Builder Addon from One Joomla Template to Another
  6. Joomla Security Best Practices to Follow in 2021
  7. Ultimate Guide to High Google PageSpeed Score for Websites on Joomla

JoomShaper’s Plan for the Next Year

As the surge in Covid-19 cases continued throughout the year, our plans and to-do list had to go through a constant shifting. Fortunately, there are strategies and targets that are sure to help us overcome this upheaval. 

In the coming year, we aim to focus more on the following to continue to serve our customers even better than before.

  • SP Page Builder 4 Stable Release: The SP Page Builder 4 stable version is just a step away from revolutionizing the entire site-building experience. Apart from introducing new addons, blocks, and layout bundles, the brand new SP Page Builder 4 will bring a completely new structure, user experience, and site-building capabilities for the users. As this is going to be something you have never experienced before, be prepared to be amazed!
  • Make All Helix3 Based Templates Joomla 4 Compatible: This year we have released the latest version of Helix3 that lets you experience new enhancements, features, and flexibilities of Joomla 4. Therefore updating all our Helix3 based templates will be among our prime objectives next year for our users’ conveniences. 
  • All Other Extensions & Components: JoomShaper’s team is working relentlessly to help you have the best website building experience. We are doing our best to update all our extensions and components to the latest technology to help you keep in trend! Hopefully, we can update all our extensions and components by next year.
  • Several Ground-Breaking Joomla Products: Our team is already on the move to surprise you with several Joomla products that will only enhance your website building experience. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our JoomShaper website to find out more!

While there is no denying that we had our share of loss and hardships, it’s also important for all of us to look at ways to transform these hardships into powerful catalysts. And only through these transformations can we help ourselves cope with whatever curveballs are thrown our way in the future. With renewed goals, dreams, and aspirations set before us, we pledge to build better relationships with our customers and support our team members. 

And finally, as the end of the year inches closer we want to take this very opportunity to thank you all for yet another amazing year! Stay with us and stay in vogue with the latest web trends!

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