2020, what a year it has been! Every year typically has its few defining moments but this time, the entire year has been such a roller coaster ride. With so many paradigm-shifting incidents it’s hard to believe we were not in a simulation that ran every possible scenario at once.

But we didn’t give up! With the pandemic still raging, we have given 2020 our absolute best shot and achieved the goals we had set for this year.

Flashback at JoomShaper 2020

Yes, this year has been a tough one. But besides making the abrupt shift to working from home to adapt to the new normal, we have had quite a few releases and updates. From releasing awe-striking Joomla templates, Helix Ultimate 2.0 Alpha to updating our mighty SP Page Builder, Joomla extensions, and more –  there are so many things we have achieved amidst the pandemic that we are truly proud of.

Here’s a recap of 2020 and what we have achieved so far.

12 Joomla Templates

We have been consistently releasing amazing Joomla templates throughout the years and this year is no different! We kept the legacy going by introducing some top-class Joomla templates in the market so that you can keep building excellent websites. Like every year, this year’s Joomla templates also came in different categories to address a range of consumers and meet their needs.

Let’s have a look at the Joomla templates we released this year.

  1. Podcast – Audio Blog, Radio & Podcast Template for Joomla.
  2. Wimble – Multipurpose Joomla Template for Agencies and Corporate Firms.
  3. Fortune – Elderly Care Joomla Template for Agencies & Non-Profits.
  4. Affility – Complete Affiliate Marketing Website Solution on Joomla.
  5. Innovate – Multipurpose Joomla Technology Website Template.
  6. eSports – Joomla Template for Professional Gaming Websites.
  7. Edulif – Joomla Education Template for eLearning Sites.
  8. Dylan – Athlete Joomla Template to Gear Up Sportsmanship Online.
  9. Unei – Smart Home Device Joomla Template with eCommerce Functionalities.
  10. Ensure – A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template.
  11. Keynote – Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla.
  12. Startup Landing – Joomla Template for Agency, App & SaaS-based Sites.

SP Page Builder: Joomla 4 Compatibility & Major Enhancements

Your favorite page building tool also got new features and several performance improvements throughout the year. It is now fully compatible with the newer build of Joomla 4, has a completely redesigned admin interface, and is optimized to deliver the finest website building experience.

29 Stunning Layout Bundles Added To the Family

Speed up your development process with SP Page Builder layout bundles just by importing the pre-designed web pages and customizing them on the go. We have added 29 new layout bundles this year to cater to every business niche!

Some of the popular layout bundles that have been released are:

Helix Ultimate 2.0

Earlier this year we released the Helix Ultimate 2.0 Alpha 1 for you to test what the next-generation Joomla template framework is going to be. We’ve then worked relentlessly to bring you another sneak peek into Joomla Helix Ultimate 2.0 Alpha 2. The newest alpha version of Helix Ultimate 2.0 comes with an improved core, an enhanced codebase, and some new features to future-proof your website development experience.

New and Improved Support System for Faster Response

In our effort to move to a more improved and connected support system, your favorite support forum also made a come back with more privacy options. Apart from fixing our customers’ issues on our Helpdesk – a new and modern support system that we have added this year, we will also solve your issues on our support forum with added privacy and security options. You asked for it, you got it!

Joomla Tutorials and Tips

Throughout the entire year, we have consistently published tips and tutorials on various Joomla topics and you guys have loved it. We appreciate all the positive feedback and love you’ve shown to our Blog.

Some of the most popular tutorials are:

New Site Design for JoomShaper

This year, besides coming up with new releases and updates, we have also renewed our JoomShaper’s website design and freshened up our entire business website. Keeping user-friendliness and ease of use in mind, our site has been redesigned to look more polished and up-to-date with the web trends. That being said, if you still haven’t checked out our updated site – what are you waiting for? Visit us HERE.

Our Team Got Even Bigger and Better

JoomShaper is a collective hub of industry-leading product designers, top-notch professional web application developers, content developers, marketing professionals, and experienced support engineers working together toward a common vision. Here, we believe the secret to a company with great success and scale is to build a great team. Our team got even bigger and stronger as more talented individuals have joined the family in the effort to deliver groundbreaking Joomla products. This year, we have hired 20 new members in total including in-house members, remote members, and interns.

Fighting COVID-19 and Remote Work

The outbreak of Covid-19 is the most detrimental crisis we have faced in 2020. To fight the virus, we’ve made the abrupt shift to work from home earlier this year to ensure the safety of our employees and to protect the health and well-being of the communities in which we operate. We have provided technology, tips, and resources to our team members to help them do their best work while remote.

JoomShaper’s Plan for the Next Year

After dealing with the curveballs 2020 has thrown at us, we’re ready to see what the next year has in store. As we look back at the past year, and all that we have overcome, we’re taking these lessons and applying them to our 2021 strategy.

In the coming year, we aim to focus more on the following to continue to serve our customers even better than before.

  • Helix Ultimate 2.0: We will proceed to the final release of Helix Ultimate 2.0 step by step in the next year. We’re super excited for you to try out and see what we’ve built! Keep your eyes on our blog and our newsletters for more updates on Helix Ultimate 2.0 and releases.
  • Team Expansion: As we move to a bigger work area, we have plans to expand our team and welcome more talented individuals to work with us. Hopefully together, we will take the company to new heights.
  • Several Groundbreaking Joomla Products: Like every year, we promise to work tirelessly to deliver some groundbreaking Joomla products to take your Joomla websites to the next level. Let’s keep it a surprise.

While 2020 had its fair share of ups and downs, this year has also taught us to focus on what really matters. Building authentic relationships with our customers, supporting our team members, and spending quality time with our friends and loved ones – in 2021, the focus is solely on what matters the most!

As the famous saying goes celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings. Cheers to new beginnings, new hopes! Stay with us, we promise to keep you delighted with our work.

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