JMailAlerts v2.6.3 is released

Hello Joomlers!

We are happy to announce the latest release of JMailAlerts, our automated periodic Email Alerts system. The release of JMailAlerts v2.6.3 mainly addresses the bug fixes. 

Download JMailAlerts


+ ​Improvements (1):

  • #169376: Language variables from plugins do not change from english in the mail alert

+ ​Bugs (14):

  • #171237: Getting SQL error 1054 Unknown columns ‘a.file_id’ in ‘field list’
  • #169315: Content list count was mismatched in at backend preview and actually email
  • #23755:   Mail send to user even if the user is put in trash in the subscriber table
  • #29757:  +2 Healthcheck should work even when no plugins are installed
  • #93805:   Frontend:- Run the cron shows warning and Notice
  • #167941: On fresh site guest users not get added in the ‘Manage User Subscriptions’ list without sync
  • #171876: Faulty links from MailAlert in another language than English
  • #172398: Backend – Manage User Subscriptions – List view not working correctly
  • #94256:   Backend: Manage User Subscriptions – Wrong date and time is being displayed for Last Email Date
  • #172389: Backend Alerts List view – Not working correctly
  • #172380: Backend Frequencies List view – Not working correctly
  • #170064: Frontend > Email Alert Preferences > Warnings displayed on the page
  • #172443: Backend > Frequencies & Manage User Subscriptions > Sort table > Name Ascending option displayed twice instead of Name Descending
  • #169045: Showing SQL error after clicking on the preview