We are happy to announce the preview for our 2021 featured template: JA Blockk – the ultimate solution for any Joomla blog, news, and magazine website. Nervous about all the Joomla weaknesses for blogging? We’ve improved all, let’s see what’s hot in JA Blockk:

  • 17 home page variations for fashion, news & magazine, entertainment, technology and gaming
  • 16 category page layouts to beautifully showcase your news content in grid or list layouts
  • 16 detail page layouts that supports multiple media: image, gallery, and video
  • New in-built Author pages
  • New JA Content listing module

The Joomla news & magazine template is developed by our latest T4 Framework, using the most updated Bootstrap 4 library. It is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, packed with amazing features such as layout builder, mega menu builder, and custom theme configuration.

Not just a simple template, JA Blockk is built as an ultimate feature that requires many complicated development tasks. For the best result, we have decided to release this template in 3 main versions with a scheduled release plan and road map.

1. Multi-Layouts

Pre-made designs for home, category and details. Easy to update and customize.

news and magazine joomla template multiple layouts

17 Home page layouts and styles

From Fashion, Gaming, Entertainment & Technology to News & Magazines, easily find out the perfect template for your website with JA Blockk. No more trouble with crafting a stunning blog from scratch. All are well-tailored and carefully designed for readers, promised to bring your audience the most comfortable reading experience.

1. Fashion

Joomla fashion magazine template home page layouts

View the higher resolution:

2. News & Magazine

Joomla news and magazine template home page layouts

View the higher resolution:

3. Gaming

Joomla gaming template home page layouts

View the higher resolution:

4. Entertainment and Technology

Joomla entertainment template home page layouts

View the higher resolution:

16 Category page layouts

Each kind of content has its own display rules, and with JA Blockk, we support up to 16 Category page layouts for your website. Just simply choose the most suitable layout to categorize your content.

Joomla magazine template category page layouts

View the higher resolution:

16 Detail page layouts

Want to present your articles in many beautiful ways? Feel free to express your words temptingly cause we provide up to 16 different Detail-page layouts.

JA Blockk will supports multiple content types including image, image gallery and video.

Joomla blog template detail page layouts

View the higher resolution:

Multiple Header and Footer layouts and styles

The news and magazine Joomla template will include many variations for header and footer with ease of set up and update. Simply select header style and footer style from the intuitive layout builder panel.

Header layouts

Joomla news template header styles

Footer layouts

Joomla news template footer styles

2. Theme

Dark theme and light theme switcher for the entire site

news and magazine joomla template dark theme

No matter day or night, people just keep reading all the time. Attracting and retaining an audience is not easy, so having the Dark mode will be a huge advantage for your website. JA Blockk supports the Dark & Light theme switcher that will improve your audience’s reading experience.

The dark and light theme switcher is applied for the entire site or specific pages, depends on your settings.

joomla magazine template dark and light theme

3. Design structure

The flexible content block system to build any block layout and style

news and magazine joomla template design

All the template structures are built from the smallest well-tailored components. With JA Blockk, you are provided with a diversity of content elements and content item designs to build flexible content sections and ease of customization. All are precisely designed for many flexible purposes.

Content component designs

Joomla news template design components

Content item designs

Joomla news template content block styles

4. Author pages

Inbuilt Author pages, a missing feature in Joomla

joomla author pages

As we mentioned, with JA Blockk, we will try to deliver you all the missing features that Joomla hasn’t provided for blogging. As Author is an important part of any blog, news & magazine website, it’s still one of Joomla’s weaknesses for all the content creators. But now you can easily build a multi-author blog, news & magazine website with our Author-page solution include Author articles page, author details page, author list page.

Joomla author page template

View the higher resolution:

5. New Extension

Introducing JA Content Listing module to display content your ways

joomla content module

Listing your content smartly will be a great means of communication to inspire your audience. Let the readers quickly scan for the most appealing articles and keep them engage with your website with our JA Content Listing Module. Our module will help you build your content blocks by loading content from one or multiple categories. Comes with a variety of settings for layout and filtering content your ways. This module is all you need to organize your content.

Layout settings

Joomla content extension layout settings

Item style settings

Joomla content module style settings

Highlighted features:

  • Filter content your ways: loads content from one or multiple category, options to load featured articles, sub-category and more
  • 8 pre-made layouts to show your articles in the smart and flexible layouts
  • 4 Item (article) styles to select for your articles shown in the block.
  • Featured item style to highlight one artilce in the content block.

6. Release & Roadmap

Scheduled release plan and development roadmap

ja blockk news template release plan

For the best result, we have decided to release this template in 3 main versions, please check the release plan and roadmap below:

The first version – JA Blockk v1.0.0

Release plan: 11st of March

  • 2 Home page layouts
  • JA Content Listing module
  • Category page
  • Detail page
  • All Joomla default pages

The second version – JA Blockk v1.1.0

Release plan: 1st of April

  • 4 more home page layouts
  • New version of JA Content Listing module: support more layouts and styles, and to work with other templates
  • Built-in Author pages
  • Support more category & details page

The third version – JA Blockk v1.2.0

Release plan: not defined

  • 11 more home page layouts
  • All header layouts
  • All footer layouts
  • All category & details page

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