Hiking and camping – a widely known recreational or leisure activity for all the thrill-seekers, adventure lovers, or even the curious ones out there. Each year thousands of adventure enthusiasts choose to spend their vacations camping and hiking in the immense beauty of the outdoors. If you are such an enthusiast and have an agency that offers more than just a ‘trek’ then it’s time for you to hit the web! Having your own website gives you the favorable opportunity to share, connect, inspire and fascinate people from all over the world.

To help you create a striking online presence, let us introduce you to the amazing Hiking & Camping – a brand new layout bundle for the SP Page Builder Pro users! This remarkable layout bundle has been made to present your deals and packages, exclusive offers and events in a way that will leave your prospects with wanderlust!

Getting fascinated and wanting to know more? Without further ado, let’s find out what this layout bundle has in store for you.

Notable Features of Hiking & Camping

Websites associated with traveling, trekking, camping, or expeditions should give off the feeling of refreshment in the first look as well as create a clear and vivid picture of what their travel diaries will look like. With our brand new Hiking & Camping layout bundle, you get to make a website that gives the users full access to the contents and relevant travel plans that they require. More importantly, the unique design offers responsive design and great functionalities that would inspire your audience to take action.

Let’s have a glance at each of its special features below:

  • Impressive home page with slideshows
  • Detailed service page
  • Dedicated Package page
  • Masonry grid Gallery layout
  • Eye soothing color and design
  • Responsive pages
  • Quick and easy navigations
  • Multiple CTA’s
  • Neat and effective Contact page

Pages Inside Hiking & Camping

Each page of the Hiking & Camping layout bundle has been designed keeping in mind audience engagement and conversions. In order to keep the users scrolling through the pages, we’ve created each page with utmost consciousness to uphold the adventurousness of hiking and camping.

Let’s have a sneak peek at its pages:

  1. Home
  2. Services
  3. Service Details
  4. Events
  5. Package
  6. Gallery
  7. About
  8. Contact Us

Let’s have an in-depth look at each of the pages.


The landing page of your website should always give off the best impressions about your agency and keep your audience captivated to learn more. With the rooms for slideshows, quick introduction of your agency, trending offers, highlights of client testimonials, and multiple CTAs your home page will make sure to explain your business in a glance.

Hiking & Camping Layout Bundle

This beautifully designed page has been created to highlight your best services. Exhibit your world-class hiking and camping services, exclusive guide services, and pleasing trails with this stunning, refreshing and clean service page.

Hiking & Camping Layout Bundle 1

Those audiences who like to take a good look at what they are opting for usually want to take in-depth knowledge about their choices. The Service Details page has been built with such dexterity with enough room to showcase your services and detailed facilities without a hitch.

Events 1

Grab your audience’s attention with your top-rated events as well as the relevant discount offers. This page brings the spotlight to your agency’s attention-drawing events, offered discounts, and other event plans. Each section also offers a quick CTA to improve your chances of bringing in more leads.

Package 2

The Package page has been crafted in a clean, simple, yet refreshing design that gives off a to keep the vibe more interactive and informative for your visitors. You can break down your offered services into specific categories with CTA’s to generate interest and encourage the visitors to take action.

Gallery 1

Take your audiences down the memory lane of your hiking and camping moments with the smart and refreshing masonry grid Gallery. Showcasing the snaps of your event’s best, priceless moments, and breathtaking views have never been better. The clean and simple design of the page keeps your audience’s focus on the images and could also awaken the impulse to join your hiking herd!

About the agency

Portray your agency’s best image with the striking design of the About page. The page has been embellished to convince and convert your audience to take the journey down to the final destination following your footsteps. Create an everlasting impression with the separate panel that displays the relevant video you might have that’s worth sharing with your viewers. Also, frame your team members and create a trustworthy idea about your hiking and camping services.

Contact Us 1

Your Contact Us page is one of the most valuable pages on your website. Expand your hiking pack with the simple and responsive Contact page that will help all those adventure lovers out there to reach out and connect to you.

How to Access & Import a Layout Bundle?

All of the SP Page Builder Pro users, upon configuring the license key, can access, explore, and import any layout bundle.

In order to get the latest layout bundle, you need to update SP Page Builder Pro to the latest version. To get a step by step guideline on how to access and import a layout bundle, please visit this documentation page.

Quick Tips

Have issues with loading the layout bundles? Go to the Administrator dashboard of your Joomla site. From the System tab on the top, select Clear Cache, and then clear the cache for the Administrator. Similarly, clear the cache for the Site as well. And, the layout bundles should show up without any trouble.

There’s nothing like sharing the amusement and joy of the thrilling adventures and expeditions to the world. Do it in style today with the eye-soothing look of the Hiking & Camping layout bundle and offer your audiences more than just a website. In case you have any questions regarding today’s layout bundle or anything about us feel free to leave a comment and we will get back to you about your queries. Good Luck!

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